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All Adult Coached and Adult Social Tennis sessions scheduled to take place indoors are no longer permitted under Tier 2 local restrictions. We’ll be in touch with players directly. Thank you for your understanding.


About our memberships

What has happened to my membership while centres have been closed?

All memberships have been frozen: NO Direct Debits have been collected and NO money has been taken. Visit activenottingham.com/coronavirus/value-promise for the commitment we made to you at the start.

When can I start using my membership again?

We’ll be writing to everyone who has an Active Nottingham account with us or holds an Annual or Direct Debit membership providing more details and to notify them when their membership will be unfrozen and available to use again.

When will you start taking my Direct Debit again?

While our facilities start reopening in July and August, all Direct Debits will resume later, with the first collection taken on 7 September. Regular collections will then take place on the 5th of every month thereafter. We hope you’ll enjoy this time to get used to coming back and feeling confident.

Will I get anything for free if I restart my membership?

Yes! All Annual members or those with a Direct Debit will get 30 days' free access to our brand-new Digital membership, worth £9.99. More details will be released soon.

I don't want to restart my membership yet, what can I do?

That’s OK! We understand that returning to our facilities may not be possible or feel right for everybody just yet. Members who are not ready to restart their Direct Debit have the option to keep their membership frozen. Even if you choose this, you will still be able to pay-as-you-go when you choose. Alternatively, you can choose to exercise at home with our new Active Nottingham Digital membership. You can choose to freeze your membership for free for up to three months between now and when collections resume on 5 December 2020 by completing a form at activenottingham.com/freeze.

Can I freeze my membership for longer?

Yes. Any continued freeze after this free three-month period will be charged at our usual £6.99 per month for a maximum of four additional months.

Can I have a refund for the time I have't been able to use?

Yes. All memberships will be credited when we reopen with any time owed due to the closure of our facilities from 19 March 2020. This will be provided through the delayed collection of your membership fees in September, rather than August. In some instances, you'll get a little extra for free!

Can I cancel my membership?

We understand that returning to our centres may not be possible or feel right for everybody just yet.
Members who are not ready to restart their Direct Debit have the option to keep their membership frozen. Fill in the form at activenottingham.com/freeze before 20 August, and we'll take care of it for you.
We’ve updated our Terms & Conditions to make it clear on how you can manage your membership, all part of our Value Promise: head to activenottingham.com/coronavirus/value-promise to find out more.
We'll be writing to all members to advise when you're able to access activities as part of your package.
If you're still sure cancellation is the best option for you, head to activenottingham.com/cancel to complete a cancellation form.
Please note our normal Terms & Conditions still apply, so relevant advance notice and proof will be required for cancellation of some of our memberships.

I've reached the end of my 12-month membership agreement while you've been closed, can I cancel my membership?

Yes. But if you want to take more time to think about coming back to our centres, we're able to keep your membership frozen for free for three months. All you need to do is complete the form at bit.ly/Freeze-Membership. This will mean that your old price will be honoured and any rejoining fees won’t apply if you decide to come back in the future.

What happens to my Annual membership for the time I haven't used?

Your membership will have been extended for the amount of time you lost as a result of the closure. If your Annual membership expired during closure, this will have been reactivated with the time owed made available to use.

About joining

What do I do if I want to join for the first time?

That’s great! We’re expecting lots of people are excited about the prospect of joining us for the first time after lockdown. There are lots of options available to you to make sure you get the best value for money. This will depend on what you want to do and how often. All our fitness memberships and pay-as-you-go options for fitness, swimming and tennis are available for you sign up to via our website or app or by calling our Customer Service team on 0115 876 1600. If it's swimming lessons or tennis coaching you're after, please call our Customer Service team, and they can set that up for you. Head to activenottingham.com/memberships for more information.

What if I want a tour?

Not a problem. We know many people have decided to start fitness or sport since being in lockdown, and you need to make sure we're your perfect choice. You'll need to pre-book an appointment with us by emailing sportandleisure@nottinghamcity.gov.uk, and we’ll be in touch to confirm.

About our Customer Service Team

When I call, am I through to the Centre?

No, you are through to the Customer Service Team. We take all calls and enquiries for all Nottingham City Council Leisure Centres, and are able to help you in any way.

How do I book and pay for activities?

You'll find information about booking and paying for activities at activenottingham.com/pre-booking

Do I need to pay when I make a booking?

To secure your place, payment will be taken at the time of the booking.

About the Active Nottingham community

What is an Active Nottingham account and how do I get one?

Creating a FREE Active Nottingham account will allow you to book online and get a discount on activities. Head to activenottingham.com/account to find out more.

What is the difference between full, concession and Active Nottingham prices?

Full price is the price you pay for any activities and do not have an Active Nottingham Account.
The Active Nottingham Member price is for those who have a registered Active Nottingham account with us.
Concession rate is for City residents who are over the age of 60 or in receipt of benefits. This price also applies to any child who lives within the City boundary.

What benefits allow me to claim the concession price?

To be granted up to 50% off you will need to be a Nottingham City Council resident in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/Universal Credit, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, along with DLA/PIP. A benefit award letter dated within the previous three months and proof of residency must be emailed to sportandleisure@nottinghamcity.gov.uk in order for this to be applied. Proof of ongoing eligibility to access this rate will be required annually.

I lost my Active Nottingham card/fob/wristband, can I get a replacement?

That's not a problem. Call our Customer Service team on 0115 876 1600 to order a new card/fob/wristband and pay £3 over the phone, before visiting a centre. On arrival, ask at Reception and the team there will be on hand to help.

About our leisure centres

Is parking available at leisure centres?

All centres apart from the Victoria Leisure Centre in Sneinton have their own car park. For Victoria, your nearest car parks are Brooke Street and Handel Street Pay and Display. For the time being, there will be no Ringo car park charges at Harvey Hadden Sports Village.

There are gaps in the swimming timetable; does this mean we are able to swim at these times?

Unfortunately not. Any gaps in the Swimming Timetable means the pool is closed to the public. This could be due to swimming lessons, private hire or maintenance for example.

About our gyms

Do I need an induction to use the gym?

We are NOT running inductions at the moment, but you can familiarise yourself with our Technogym equipment at mywellness.com. Before using our centres, you'll also need to be familiar with our Health Commitment Statement available at activenottingham.com/terms-of-use

How old do you have to be to use the gym?

Active Nottingham members can use the gym from 14 years of age, but must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 16+.

About swimming

How old do you have to be to access the pool on your own?

Children aged 13 and under are unable to access facilities during Phases 1 and 2 of reopening, including lane swimming. Those aged 14 and 15 will be permitted to access lane swimming, providing they are accompanied by an adult. Swimmers of all ages will be able to access their Swim School lessons.

I require support to get into the pool; will I be able to get some assistance?

All of our pools have pool hoists. Please email sportandleisure@nottinghamcity.gov.uk to book.