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Play Fair

Meaning more spaces for you to be active

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What is it?

No shows and late cancellations have been a problem for a while now, taking up valuable places on popular classes and sessions, so we're making it mandatory to have to cancel in good time.

We've introduced this to ensure that classes and sessions are fully attended, meaning everyone can get the most from their membership.

*See our FAQ's section for specific criteria.

What you need to remember!

1️⃣ Cancel your booking at least 60 minutes before the start time, either via our app, by logging in to your online account, or by visiting your local Active Nottingham Leisure Centre.

2️⃣ Make sure you swipe in at site for every session as this records your attendance.

3️⃣ Only book what you know you can attend.

If you fail to do this, a 'strike' will be added to your account. If you collect 3 strikes during a 30-days period your advanced booking privileges will be revoked for 7 days.

The good news is, we're playing fair, to make sure you can too, by currently running a grace period.

So for now, you'll receive an email reminder if you miss a session, or didn't cancel in time, we'll be waiving the 'strike' and it won't be added to your account.

Why are we doing this?

We've listened to your feedback about "no-shows", which can mean half-empty classes and disappointed customers who weren't able to book on.

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When is this happening?

We launched a NEW Leisure Management System on 14 June 2023, to allow you to get used to the changes with the new system we are implementing a short grace period. So although you’ll receive an email reminder that you missed a session, or didn’t cancel in time, we’ll be waiving the ‘strikes’ and you won’t be blocked from booking classes,  for now. We’re playing fair to make sure you can too.

Which activities will it apply to?

  • ALL bookable swim sessions, excluding Swim for Fun and Family Zone Swim
  • ALL group fitness classes, including hydrospin and aqua, and any instructor-led group cycling.
  • ONLY specialist gym sessions (which aren’t currently running) for example, ladies only.

What do I need to do to cancel?

The accepted ways to cancel your booking are either:

What will happen if I forget to cancel or do not attend my booking?

If you don’t cancel within 30 minutes of the start time of your booking or fail to attend, a ‘strike’ will be applied to your Active Nottingham account. If you get 3 strikes within a 30-day period your booking privileges will be revoked for a period of 7 days. You will receive an email advising that you failed to attend a pre-booked session, and also that you cannot make any bookings. When the 7 days period has ended you’ll receive an email to advise you can make bookings again.

Can I appeal against the strikes?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances will mean you are, occasionally, unable to cancel in time (which is why we have also reduced the cancellation time from 3 hours to 30 minutes) – where this happens you should advise us at the earliest opportunity. We will take emergencies into account at our discretion.

How does this affect my membership terms and conditions?

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions to any of our membership packages especially to ensure that customers receive fairer opportunities to access services. Our full Terms and Conditions are available.