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From Group Fitness to Swim School

Sep 7 2022

Meet Elidia, Group Fitness Instructor for Active Nottingham and now Swim School Teacher for Nottingham Swim School (part of Active Nottingham). We recently caught up with Elidia to find out about her fitness journey and what led her to become a Swim School Teacher.

Hi Elidia, thanks for catching up with us today. So…how did you get into the fitness industry?

I was originally training in the gym as a customer/service user and during that time frame, I worked in the nursery for Nottingham Nursery in Radford. I thought, being in the nursery industry I’ll always have a job, but sadly, it didn’t work out for me and I was made redundant.

I thought to myself, well I love gym training and doing fitness classes, why don’t I train to become a fitness instructor – that way I can still do my fitness and work in the gym. I completed all my required training and passed, turns out I never ended up working in the gym and jumped on fitness classes. I’m overwhelmed at how much I’ve progressed from working in a nursery to where I am now as a Swim Teacher!

How long have you worked in the fitness industry and what is your favourite class to teach?

About four years, which has gone so quick! I would definitely say Group Cycling is my favourite class to teach – which I do at Southglade but also do cover work.

I need to try Group Cycling (said in disbelief they’ve just said that – haha)

Yes, you do Carrie. Group cycling is good fun. Come along, it’s great for all abilities as we offer beginner classes and intermediate. All of my classes are designed to get your heart pumping, have fun and improve your skills. Group cycling is amazing for balance, stamina, speed and rhythm as you have to keep in time to the music – I will push you, but it’s for your benefit!

What other classes do you run?

Aqua Fit – which is literally for everyone of all ages and abilities. I also teach ladies-only aqua fit classes on a Sunday morning at Djanogly Community Leisure Centre (nice plug, we see what you did there). I have my vision and what music I’ll play in each class. I don’t want to keep my classes the same every week so I will play about with the routine and mix it up, so it doesn’t become same-old same-old. Keeps everyone on their toes! I’m also a stickler for time-keeping and starting on time so it’s fair to everyone in the class.

Also teach H.I.I.T, Circuits, Stretch and Tone (I like Stretch and Tone). I cover a lot of classes too.

You’ve done the different group fitness classes for a number of years now, what was the main reason for you wanting to become a Swim Teacher?

I was told many years ago, but the ladies I worked with in the nursery, “don’t put all your eggs into one basket”. I thought I’ve worked with children (in the nursery), so I thought I could marry the two elements together (as I also do Aqua Fit classes) and put all my skills together and become a Swim School Teacher so I can give back what I’ve learnt to teach children and help them progress.

Did you find it hard doing your Swim Teacher training?

It wasn’t easy, I found it intense (especially with still teaching group fitness classes) but at the same time my dad passed away so had a lot of emotions to cope with. I can’t believe that I’ve actually passed my Swim Teacher qualifications as I thought I was going to give up. But I believe my dad was watching over me, pushing me to complete and I’m glad I continued with it all as it’s been really rewarding. Ever time I found myself not wanting to continue with it, I would push myself more and write more lesson plans to keep focused. Nottingham City Council and the rest of the team in Active Nottingham has been so supportive and encouraging.

Would you recommend becoming a Swim Teacher?

Yes I would. I’m loving it, I’m loving this – I should have done it years ago!!!!

I hear you’ve now received your certificates now to show you’re fully qualified and raring to go.

Yessss! I have, I have received them. I have my first induction today and tomorrow and then I can start on the programme in September. I saw all the different people teaching Aqua Babies and thought yes I could do that, then they also explained you can progress with coaching and perhaps (one day) we can coach swimming for the Olympics. So I’ve gone from thinking I’ll be teaching Aqua Babies but wow, I could also do some coaching too! The opportunities with training to be a Nottingham Swim School teacher are incredible.

What’s your plan over the next few years now?

Hopefully, I can continue to teach swim school with the different age groups (including adults as well) but I’d love to coach and also become a mentor! But teaching aqua babies I’m looking forward to that, as that’s where you can build a child’s water confidence and from there they can progress through the different stages and get their different hats.

For those that aren’t aware, as people progress through the different swim school stages with Nottingham Swim School they will receive a new hat to correspond with the new stage that they’re in. Similar to different coloured belts in Judo, Karate etc. 

Thank you for your time. It’s been great hearing about your fitness journey. You’ve gone full circle from just working out in the gym to now Swim School Teacher/Group Fitness Instructor. 

If you’d like to find out more about Nottingham Swim School swimming lessons, visit www.activenottingham.com/swim-school/