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Kicking cigarettes and drinking in to touch

Oct 24 2018

By Erica, Flexible Fitness member since 2015

“I used to smoke 60 a day, maybe more and would drink 6 or 7 pints on a night out”

Giving up smoking and controlling the amount of alcohol I drank, has been two of the best things I’ve ever done to improve my life, apart from going to that first fitness class at Clifton Leisure Centre!

Not only has it meant that I’m off the breathing apparatus, but I’m not taking on board all those calories hidden in alcohol too,  which has helped towards the 8 stone in weight I’ve lost so far!

Once I’d decided to stop smoking, encouraged by my husband, I bought the nicotine chewing gum to help with the cravings.

I’d smoked for so many years that I needed something to do with my hands so I started cross stitching, which really helped.



I’d heard about New Leaf, but if I’m honest, I found that stopping smoking was easier than losing weight and so I managed to do it without any outside help.

I did have the support of my whole family though, who knew that it would mak

e such a difference to my health.  My husband was brilliant and even my boys gave me advice on managing the cravings.

I’ve never totted up what I’ve saved since stopping, but it must be an absolute fortune and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending the extra money on treats for my family especially my grandchildren.

I didn’t drank every day, but would always drink at the weekends whether I stayed in or went out and during the summer I could drink every day when it was hot.

The amount I drank was sometimes more than my entire recommended daily amount of calories and if I went on holiday I’d probably drink even more too so,  stopping really has had a huge impact on my weight loss.

Nowadays, I no longer buy alcohol for the house, as I know it makes me gain weight and I much prefer a cuppa anyway!  If I’m on a night out, I might treat myself to a drink, but it’s very much in  moderation as I now know the harm it can do.

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