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Learn about our gym equipment

Each of our gyms has such an impressive range of Technogym* equipment, you’ll find it easy to keep your workouts fresh and enjoyable. *Clifton, Southglade and Victoria Leisure Centre and Harvey Hadden Sports Village have Life Fitness Equipment.
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There’s no doubt: running and walking are fantastic physical exercises that allow you to burn a lot of calories and fat. It’s not unusual to find that when training on a running machine you burn more calories than other activities per unit of time.

People running in machine treadmill at fitness gym club
Image of a person riding a spin bike with red and black shoes.


Another great cardio favourite is cycling – let’s face it: we never forget how to ride a bike, do we? Indoors or outdoors, cycling is a fantastic fat-burning, cardiovascular workout as well as a great way to tone and condition our core and lower body.


As popular as our treadmills and bikes are our cross-trainers. They offer elliptical, impact-free motion – which is kind to the joints – while working the upper and lower body and getting the heart pumping.

A black female, wearing a pink athletics outfit, is using the cross trainer within the gym.
Young fit women working out with rowing machine at gym

Weight machines

Our weight machines are designed to isolate certain muscle groups while giving you the support you need to get the most from your workout. You’ll find a machine to help you flex every major muscle group in your body.

Free weights

Free weights are great if you want to concentrate on a certain area of your body. They give you more freedom of movement and are great for building core strength and balance.

A white man and a white women, wearing gym clothing, are doing push ups with red dumbbells in their hands.

Download the mywellness app for great workout

Simply scan the QR codes on all our gym equipment and you can track your achievements and view great Technogym videos too!