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Nottingham Tennis Centre Project FAQs

Customer FAQs

I have questions about tennis coaching

As of 1 May, coaching memberships will be dealt with by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) at Nottingham Tennis Centre and not by Active Nottingham. The last lessons with Active Nottingham will be between 24-30 April and your first lessons with the LTA will be from 1 May onwards. Your subscription will be ended with Nottingham City Council and no further payments will be taken. Your payment on 5 April included a reduction which allowed for lessons up to and including 30 April. Where you have consented to sharing your data, the LTA will write to you with information on setting up payments with them.

Will there be any break in my tennis lessons?

No, your lessons will continue without a break, with your last lesson happening between the 24/30 April and your next lesson with the LTA will be from 1 May onwards.

How do I book a tennis court?

You will continue to book a court with us in the usual way for dates up to 30 April 2022. For bookings after this date, you will need to book with the LTA, through the link below, which will be updated to the new LTA website shortly.www.nottinghamtenniscentre.co.uk/

Can I meet with the LTA team before changing my membership?

If you do not complete the form to change your information by the deadline of 24 April or would like to speak to the LTA about your potential membership, there are two drop-in sessions arranged. These are: Tuesday 3 May 17:00 – 19:00 Wed 4 May 10:00 – 12:00 These will be publicised on social media, and in-centre nearer the time.

I have questions about my fitness membership

If you currently hold a rolling monthly or agreement fitness membership then our normal cancellation terms will be waivered. Those on fitness memberships will be warmly welcomed into the other six Active Nottingham facilities for the same level of classes, and gym provision as well as use of the health suites and swimming pools. If you hold an annual membership, and NTC is your only centre of use then a pro-rata refund will be issued – please email sportandleisure@nottinghamcity.gov.uk with your membership details. We will be writing to all our members soon, with timelines and what the handover means to them. We understand that however exciting, any period of change can be unsettling. Please feel you can contact us to discuss your membership at any time. We really want you to stay with us but understand that the changes may not suit everybody.

Will I still get Active Nottingham discounts?

Yes. This will apply to the remaining six facilities but no longer at Nottingham Tennis Centre. All holders of free Active Nottingham accounts will remain live which means you can still make bookings and received discounted member rates for our remaining facilities and activities.

Are the fees going up?

Fees and charges for tennis at Nottingham Tennis Centre, under the LTA, will be available soon. Active Nottingham membership fees for the remaining 6 Active Nottingham leisure centres will remain the same.

What is the timeline for the handover?

From 1 May bookings and tennis coaching courses will commence through the LTA.

Will my coach still be at the centre?

The coaches will remain and will operate the new programme so there will be continuity and familiar faces.

Project Consultation FAQs

What feedback was there on the consultation and what did you do with the information?

The Have Your Say feedback form received 24 responses in total (Some of these were duplicate entries) The LTA had sight of these questions. Questions can be grouped in the following categories • Active Nottingham Membership and how this affects pricing and facilities available • What gym activity provision will be available at new site • What tennis activity was planned and how current coaching would be affected • Pricing and availability and the concern of keeping a community ethos • Facilities and provision for disabled people • There was also a specific question on the lease The majority included a section that said we could not answer specific questions until an operator was agreed. It was mostly about signposting information. Those that applied to groups of people have been adapted into our FAQs

Although coaching is unaffected, can you tell me what will happen to current tennis sessions such as 'cardio-tennis' and 'social tennis?'

The proposed plans for the tennis programme are such that there will be an opportunity for all to participate either as a member or on a pay-as-you-go basis. The existing tennis team will be keen to continue to provide a variety of tennis opportunities for all to participate in, from social and cardio to coached adult and junior sessions.

Will the gym still be accessible to members of the public wishing to pay to use it?

The gym will no longer be in operation. Members can continue to access the gym facilities at the Tennis Centre until the handover is completed. We understand these proposals may be disappointing for some of our users. Those on fitness memberships will be warmly welcomed into the other six Active Nottingham facilities for the same level of classes, and gym provision as well as the use of the health suites and swimming pools.

Please can you confirm what do you mean by long-term lease? Also what happens this does not work for LTA or Nottingham City Council, can either parties cancel the lease?

Negotiations are still taking place, but the lease will be more than 100 years. Terms and conditions such as cancellations etc. are still being discussed as part of the proposals. The consultation process is part of the process of finding out whether Nottingham residents want this to happen.

Operation and handover FAQs

Why are you handing the centre over to the LTA?

Nottingham City Council and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) discussions over the future of the Nottingham Tennis Centre have resulted in the lease and running of the centre being handed over to the LTA in order to further invest in it. This will include developing a world-class tennis training base while retaining community and public tennis facilities.

When will the handover take place?

It is planned that the completed handover will be 30 April. So from 1 May, Nottingham Tennis Centre will be operated by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)

Will the centre remain open to the public?

The public will still be able to access the centre for pre-booked tennis coaching, as a paying spectator at tournaments such as the Rothesay Nottingham Open, and for public hire of indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

What is happening to the staff?

The team remains in place so be sure to look out for some familiar faces.

Our FAQs should answer your questions about the project, however if you have questions about your Active Nottingham membership please get in touch