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New Leisure Management System FAQs

To find out more about why we're undertaking this change, click here.

Customer FAQs

The transition of the new system is now live. All existing Active Nottingham members need to register their details to be able to use the app and website booking system. Please follow this guide carefully to register your account:

This page will be automatically updated with additional information .

Page last updated: 19 June 2023.
Who is the Leisure Management System Provider?

Following an extensive tender process, the new Leisure Management System (LMS) will be provided by Legend by Xplor.

When will we get the new system?

The system is now live! As with all major changes, there may be some initial inconvenience as our new systems and processes are established - we ask that you bear with us and be kind and courteous as we all undertake this change. We want you to know that we will make every effort to make sure the changes happen as smoothly as possible and with minimal disruption.

How will the changes affect me?

The new changes will enhance your experience and make managing your membership with us even easier. The changes include: - Faster sign-up process if you wish to join as a member - Effective communications platform via email, push notifications and SMS - View, join and pay for any Active Nottingham membership options via the App and website - Easier to view, book and pay for classes or activities whenever it suits you and, on any device (subject to minimum device requirements) - The booking window for activities opens up at 7am, 7 days in advance - be quick and book on. If your favourite class is full, why not add yourself to the waiting list? - View, manage and update your personal details - Log in using email and password (you will need to reset your password to use the new system and reminders will be sent out in due course advising when to do this) - Integrated social sharing options which allow you to share details of your bookings with friends and family

Will my account be transferred to the new system?

The information that you have provided will be kept for 2 years from the date the account was last accessed, this includes customers with a membership collected by Direct Debit, Annual Memberships, Nottingham Swim School and customers with an Active Nottingham account/Pay as you go accounts; this is in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you no longer have an Active Nottingham membership or account, you will need to create a new one.

Will my Membership Number/ID change?

Membership numbers will not change for existing members who joined Active Nottingham prior to the 5th June 2023. Members who join Active Nottingham between 5th and 13th June will be given a temporary membership number until we transition to the new system on 14th June, when a new membership number will be issued.

What will happen with my direct debit?

Your Direct Debit will transfer across to the new system and your Direct Debit will be taken on the normal date. E.g. the 5th of the month.

Will I need to register to use the new system?

Yes. With the new system, all users will need to register for Online Services to be able to book activities via the app or the website booking portal. Please follow this guide to re-register to access the new system. We've put together a little How-To video to help you too, have a look here.

Will I need to download the app again?

No, you will not need to download the app again. You will need to register for online services to use the app from 14 June. Please follow this guide to re-register to access the new system. We've put together a little How-To video to help you too, have a look here.

Will my app/online log in details change with the new system?

You will continue to use your registered email, but you will need to re-register to use online services with the new system (from 14 June). As part of this registration process, you will need to reset your password. Please follow this guide to re-register to access the new system. We've put together a little How-To video to help you too, have a look here.

How will I be able to access the new system?

Existing Active Nottingham members will need to re-register to gain access to the new system using your email address that we have for you currently, along with your membership number. If you need to clarify your email/Membership number, then please contact the relevant Leisure Centre. Please follow this guide to re-register to access the new system. We've put together a little How-To video to help you too, have a look here.

Will there be any changes to class bookings?

From 14 June we are implementing a class waiting list where if a class if full, you can add yourself onto the waiting list and when a space becomes available you will automatically be added to the class. Please ensure you check your emails and 'My bookings' section of the app for updates. Therefore, if you no longer need to attend the class, please ensure you cancel your space at least 60 minutes prior to the class starting so it can be allocated to someone else.

Will Nottingham Swim School HomePortal be affected?

Yes, we are currently in the process of updating the HomePortal which will complement our new system. Access to the HomePortal will be unavailable from 7 June for a period of 10-14 days whilst migration takes place.

Will I/my child still be enrolled in Swim School

If you/your child is currently enrolled in one of our Swim School classes, they will transfer to our new system.

Please bear with us.

As with all new systems we hope this migration runs smoothly but bear with us if we experience any technical issues or circumstances that arise that are out of our control.

Our priority is to ensure this doesn’t impact your experience with us. Our team will be regularly updating this website page site.

We've put together some queries/scenarios to help you if you're stuck, check them out below.
Query 1: I'm trying to log in using my old account details and the system won't work?

Solution - Please ensure you have “re-registered” your account details on our new booking system by pressing “Register”, then enter your email address, or NEW password and accept the terms and conditions. - You will then receive an email to complete the verification process. - Click the link in the email and then follow the instructions. - Enter your Membership ID number – which you should have received in the last week or so via email - If you do not have your ID number, please send us a Direct Message via Facebook Messenger or speak to your local leisure centre. - If you do have your ID number, continue the process as normal, this will enable you to log in.

Query 2: I've reset my password, but I haven't received an email?

Solution - Please ensure you follow the procedure above in Query 1. Please click the register button before you try and then log in. If you’re still having issues, please send us a message or get in touch here.

Query 3: When I click Register, it tells me my email address is already in use?

Solution Please use the password reset button to reset your account. If you’re still having issues, please send us a message or get in touch here.

Query 4: I can't download the app?

The mobile app has minimum requirements in order for it to operate successfully. The app requires Apple iOS version 12 and above; or Android 7.1 and above in order to work on any mobile device. Both of these operating systems were released in 2016 and should cover the majority of devices made around this time. For more details click here.

Query 5: Why can't I have more than one wristband (etc.)?

Due to security improvements, we can only register one ID with our system. For example, you can only have ONE RFID reader. If you have an Active Nottingham card/wristband or fob, please choose one and return the others to your local leisure centre as the second RFID will not work.