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While we phase our reopening, some of our centres, facilities, activities, and memberships may be subject to availability. Always check the activenottingham.com/stay-safe section of our website for the most up-to-date information.

Active Nottingham LIVE

GREAT NEWS! From Monday 27 July, you'll be able to join in with a wider range of studio classes from your home, as we stream even more daily sessions for you to enjoy!
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What is Active Nottingham LIVE?

  • FREE fitness classes while we create a brand new digital membership for you.
  • Watch your favourite instructors run your favourite classes over Zoom.
  • Rewatch or catch-up on previous classes.


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What’s happening when


Monday9:15-10am: Shadow Box Fit

Meeting ID: 991 6349 9407
Password: 684504
6:15-7pm: Zumba

Meeting ID: 973 0669 2325
Passcode: 858409
7:15-8pm: Pilates

Meeting ID: 999 7145 2821
Passcode: 232335
Tuesday6:15-7pm: Shadow Box Fit

Meeting ID: 921 2833 5495
Passcode: 580059
7:15-8pm: Bums Tums 'N' Thighs

Meeting ID: 924 5679 7583
Passcode: 769852
Wednesday5:15-6pm: Bums Tums 'N' Thighs

Meeting ID: 968 7791 5054
Passcode: 202616
6:15-7pm: Zumba

Meeting ID: 999 4819 1068
Passcode: 118902
7.15-8pm: Combat

Meeting ID: 990 9195 0459
Passcode: 162632
Thursday6.30-7.15pm: HIIT

Meeting ID: 982 0281 7340
Passcode: 591954
Friday6:30-7:15pm: Body Conditioning

Meeting ID: 994 4448 6551
Password: 368930
Saturday8:30-9:15am: Shadow Box Fit

Meeting ID: 940 3576 9113
Password: 577445
9:30-10:15am: Zumba

Meeting ID: 927 4669 2860
Password: 386121
3:30-4:15pm: Yoga

Meeting ID: 951 7069 9253
Password: 587350
Sunday 10:15-11pm: Zumba

Meeting ID: 915 0646 2762
Password: 733843
  • You have control of your cameras, which are automatically turned off at the start of the session. If you wish to join the class via video, turn your camera on.
  • Be aware that your image may appear on live-streamed classes, however, we will not be recording you.
  • Your video will be visible to other attendees via Zoom, however, although we are recording the sessions, you won’t be visible on the recording.
  • At all times please work to your own level and ability to exercise and refer to the Nottingham City Council’s Health Commitment statement. If you are unsure as to your suitability to exercise please consult your GP.
  • We have moved our group ex programme into our sports halls in order to socially distance our members and keep us all safe, the acoustics are not ideal in any sports hall so our sound quality will be effected both in the leisure centre and at home experience. Please bear with us as we work towards providing the best solution possible. We appreciate your support!

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We hope you enjoy our live classes. Let’s stay Active in Nottingham together.