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Active Nottingham LIVE

Join in with live-streamed fitness classes from the comfort of your own home!
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What is Active Nottingham LIVE?

  • FREE fitness classes while we create a brand new digital membership for you.
  • Watch your favourite instructors run your favourite classes over Zoom.

What's happening when:

Monday10am: Legs, Bums 'N' Tums

Meeting ID: 923 1344 3563
Password: 611798

11am: Yoga with Jacqui

Meeting ID: 973 4583 7110
Password: 324691
6pm: Pilates with Paul

Meeting ID: 997 3031 2144
Password: 492861

Tuesday10am: Belly Dancing with Hannah

Meeting ID: 989 3931 5076
Password: 073048
11am: Pre and Post Natal with Hannah

Meeting ID: 997 3196 7018
Password: 761514
6pm: Barre with Jacqui

Meeting ID: 919 6828 6423
Password: 982714
Wednesday10am: Pilates with Paul

Meeting ID: 962 6107 1036
Password: 286961

6pm: Circuit Training

Meeting ID: 945 4638 4358
Password: 072744
Thursday10am: Chair-Based Exercises with Jacqui

Meeting ID: 921 6985 6120
Password: 345235
5.30pm: HIIT

Meeting ID: 992 4899 1330
Password: 286035

6.15pm: Lower Body Workout

Meeting ID: 976 4395 6717
Password: 092015

Friday10am: Bums Tums 'N' Thighs with Hannah

Meeting ID: 991 9179 3476
Password: 264662

Saturday10am: Pilates with Paul

Meeting ID: 957 6222 6513
Password: 862191
Sunday 11am: Yoga with Jacqui

Meeting ID: 952 5068 1456
Password: 533393

  • Please note, you have control of your cameras, which are automatically turned off at the start of the session. If you wish to join the class via video, turn your camera on
  • Be aware that your image may appear on live-streamed classes, however, we will not be recording you
  • Your video will be visible to other attendees via Zoom, however, although we are recording the sessions, you won’t be visible on the recording
  • You may see your instructor looking to the left – this is because we have streamed Zoom to our video wall at Harvey Hadden
  • At all times please work to your own level and ability to exercise and refer to the Nottingham City Council’s Health Commitment statement. If you are unsure as to your suitability to exercise please consult your GP


We hope you enjoy our live classes. Let’s stay Active in Nottingham together.