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Whether you've had your account for years or just a few months...

there's lots of things to turn on, update and personalise to get the most from Active Nottingham.

and this month, we’re encouraging all our members to SPRING CLEAN their accounts and mobile app to maximise those benefits 🧹🧼.

Check out these great new tools that will make booking so much easier!

Linked accounts

One or more Active Nottingham members can be linked on our membership system, allowing a “lead” person, to book  a session online for everyone linked.

Perfect for a parent/ guardian with Fitness+ whose child attends Swim School, or a couple that could book their favourite class together, guaranteeing their spaces, even if one of them is at work.

Linking permissions are required for persons over 13 years old.

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Party Bookings

A party booking, not to be confused with a birthday celebration, just means that a person with an Active Nottingham account can book sessions for other people in their group (or “party”) who do not have an Active Nottingham Account.

Perfect for a parent/guardian who wants to take their child swimming for the first time, or for introducing a friend to a favourite fitness class.  You could even book a visiting friend for a session too.

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Parental consent

Want to book your child a session via our app on your mobile phone? Now you can!

You just need to set up parental consent first by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 0115 8761600 and speaking to our friendly team, who will be able to set this up really easily.

Once done, you’ll be able to log in via the app, using your child’s membership number and password, so once you’ve booked yourself on, simply re-log back in and book your child too.

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and these useful new updates and opportunities will help you get the most from your account and membership.

Make sure your password meets our strengthen security measures

By having a robust password, your data and our systems will be more secure.

Your password should include:

– a minimum of 8 characters
– upper and lower case letters
– at least 1 number
– and a special character, &*%$£/ for example

Request a password reset today and improve your account security.

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Update your overall Marketing Consent to keep informed of all our exciting news

Updating your Marketing Consent will ensure you stay ahead of the curve and are always one of the first to know our latest news, but how to do it?

Sign in to your Active Nottingham account below and select “My Account”, then “Preferences” – It really is that easy!

Choose ALL the options that you’re happy to be contacted through, and don’t forget to press “SAVE“!

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Update the app settings to receive push notifications

Receiving notifications via our app is the quickest and easiest way to keep up to date with news from your favourite leisure centre, whether it’s good news about new equipment, or a last-minute cancellation that can’t be helped, having push notifications turned on will mean you never miss out!


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Join us on social media!

There’s nothing better than feeling like part of a community, especially one that encourages you to keep active, and is full of people just like you!

Not only do we have our corporate social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we also have the most friendly community groups on Facebook for each of our leisure centres, which provide you with all the insider news about your favourite centre.

Why not join your local group today!

Clifton Leisure Centre

Djanogly Community Leisure Centre

Harvey Hadden Sports Village

Ken Martin Leisure Centre

Southglade Leisure Centre

Victoria Leisure Centre

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Plan your fitness week, book and pay up to 7 days in advance, and keep track on the go with the Active Nottingham app.

Mobile app minimum requirements

The app requires Apple iOS version 10 and above; or Android 7.1 and above in order to work on any mobile device.

Both of these operating systems were released in 2016 and should cover the majority of devices made around this time.

App updates rolled out by Apple and Android are, unfortunately, out of our hands. In an ever-changing marketplace, digital enhancements are required to maintain a high level of service, remain competitive and offer a good level of functionality. We sincerely apologise to any customers that may have been affected.

Please remember, if you can no longer book via the Active Nottingham app you can still book your favourite class or swimming session via the Active Nottingham website, telephone or in-person.


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