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Tips for new starters

Jun 17 2022

To ensure your new fitness journey is successful, here are some tips to help you find your feet (especially if it’s your first time visiting Active Nottingham!).

  1. Find out what services are available – download the Active Nottingham app and have a general nosy around.
    • Click on the “book” activity sessions to see what classes you might fancy, or what time a swim session begins. Check out the “news” section to see what has been going on or learn about the 3rd party activities taking place around the different centres
    • Join the Active Nottingham Facebook Group Community, with a page for each leisure centre you can chat to other centre users, get advice from others – they’ve all been where you are. Joining a gym, swimming pool or fitness class can feel daunting, but the community are incredibly welcoming
  2. Try different things until you find something you enjoy 
    • There is no “one size fits all” programme, but try not to worry about what everyone else is doing. Try different programmes, classes and activities until you find something you truly enjoy and you’ll be motivated to stick to
  3. Keep track of your training
    • Setting goals and writing them down as well as keeping track of your progress is very useful to help you to stay motivated and see how far you’ve come from where you started
    • Try a simply training diary or keep a record on a spreadsheet, or download one of the many apps on Google or Apple for doing this
    • Give the new Boditrax machines a try to help you on your fitness journey; find out what another member thought of the Boditrax machines here
  4. Don’t worry about what others are doing:
    • the best tip to stay motivated is to find something that YOU truly enjoy – others at the centre may be working towards certain goals or targeting their training around their own injuries or health conditions which may not suit someone else – everyone is unique – if you are unsure, always ask a professional for advice
  5. Build up gradually:
    • going from nothing to trying to train every day of the week could lead to burnout and even worse – injuries
    • Start slowly, for example twice a week and build up from there – consistency is by far the most important factor when it comes to achieving fitness goals – so rather stick with a sustainable plan than one that is difficult to maintain in the long run

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.