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Mindfullness during exercise

Jun 8 2022

Add mindfulness to your workout routine


Hands up if you just want to distract yourself when working out? Did you know there are so many benefits of being mindful during exercise, such as:

  • reducing stress
  • feeling good mentally and physically
  • improving your workout performance

Not being focussed can impact the sensation of a job well done following a workout. Your workouts become less effective and you begin to rush through your routine. Embracing mindful fitness can help change this, and you might get more out of your workouts than you think.

Benefits of mindfulness during exercise

Zoning out during a workout, such as listening to your favourite playlist and moving your body through an activity you don’t have to think about (such as running or walking) can be meditative, allowing your mind to roam free whilst your body does the work.

But becoming too distracted breaks the connection to what you are actually doing. There is a flow when we are ‘in the moment’ and that provides many benefits:

  • Better mental health
  • Improved physical health
  • Increased commitment to exercising
  • Increased levels of satisfaction

How to workout with mindfulness

  • Finish your planned workout
  • Have a specific goal eg. a body part or time frame to work towards.
  • Pay continuous attention to your body. If you’re doing cardio this could be the repetitive strike of your feet on the treadmill or when strength training, how each muscle feels as you use it.
  • Reflect on the positive results of working out eg. increased energy/boosted mood/better sleep.
  • Slow down and focus on your form and breathing.

End on a good note

Be sure to remember all the good things about the workout and how good it feels when you’re done. If you can, try and lie down at the end of the workout for relaxation – that is your chance to really feel the effects of your hard work!