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Active Nottingham strikes gold…… AGAIN!

with another top flight award at the  Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) most prestigious awards for health and safety.

We’re celebrating after landing an internationally-recognised Gold Award for the third time demonstrating high health and safety standards.

Organisations receiving a RoSPA Award are recognised as being world leaders in health and safety practice. Every year, nearly 2,000 entrants vie to achieve the highest possible accolade in what is the UK’s longest-running Health and Safety industry awards.

Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, Cllr Eunice Campbell-Clark said:

Achieving Gold for the 3rd time is a credit to the hard work of the management team and staff at each of our leisure centres, who ensure the safety of our customers is a top priority. I’m delighted Active Nottingham has been recognised, yet again, for being one of the best in the country within the leisure industry”.

Julia Small, RoSPA’s Achievements Director said:

“This is a fantastic and well-deserved accomplishment. All our award entrants demonstrate their unwavering commitment and passion for keeping people safe at work. By receiving this recognition Active Nottingham join like-minded businesses and organisations worldwide, that represent the very best in their approach to Health and Safety. I would like to add my personal thanks for all the work that it has taken to secure this well-deserved award – congratulations to all those involved, who champion and drive up Health and Safety standards every day. You are a fantastic example to others in your sector.

So, next time you visit one of our Active Nottingham leisure centres, you can be assured that we are officially one of the safest around!

RoSPA award Leisure safety award 2020 gold award logo with a white background.


Active Nottingham continues to shine!

With another Gold in the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) awards 2021, proving we are one of the best in the business for health and safety.

The award recognises the hard work and dedication in ensuring you, our customers, have a safe and enjoyable experience every time you visit, and after winning Gold in 2019 and Overall Winner in 2020, we’re incredibly proud to have achieved another Gold this year in the Leisure Safety category.

As part of the judging process, each organisation’s commitment to continually raising health and safety standards is closely scrutinised by the panel of experts, and last year only 9 organisations within the leisure sector were awarded a Gold.

Julia Small, RoSPA’s Head of Qualifications, Awards, and Events, explains:

“RoSPA is very proud of the achievements of its entrants, and with this award we recognise the best of the best, those organisations that have gone the extra mile, raising the bar for the delivery of safety in the workplace.

Everyone, wherever they may be should be able to work and/or play safely in the knowledge that they will return home unharmed and healthy at the end of every day. Our RoSPA Award winners are central to achieving this goal. By entering they are driving up standards and setting new safety benchmarks for organisations across the world”

So, next time you visit one of our Active Nottingham leisure centres, you can be assured that we are officially one of the safest around!


A to Z of Nottingham Swim School

Ever wondered why swimming is regarded as one of the most beneficial activities for young people?

Look no further than our A–Z of Nottingham Swim School to understand why.

Two white male children splashing in a swimming pool. One child is wearing a blue swimming cap and the other is wearing dark blue goggles.

Active –  Children who are active are happier, healthier and more able to learn.  Increased activity is essential for a child’s development.
Butterfly stroke – They’ll learn the skills to swim this more complicated of strokes during their lessons.
Competitiveness – Swimming is great for developing positive competitiveness as each child strives to achieve the next badge or move through the stages.  If they join a swimming club, they’ll experience competitive teamwork too.
Diving – Knowing how to safely launch yourself headfirst into water is a skill taught during swimming lessons.
Energy – Swimming builds your child’s muscles and lung capacity, giving them more energy to achieve.
Free stuff – All Nottingham Swim School members receive free access to all of our public swim sessions across the city! They also get a swim hat on joining and at each new stage reached too!

Young white female outside an Active Nottingham leisure centre holding up an 800m swimming certificate.

Graduation – As each skill is perfected your child will graduate, receiving badges, medals and certificates of achievement.
Health – Swimming is great for your child’s heart and circulation, providing natural, low-impact resistance to build muscle and release those happy endorphins.
Intelligence – Holding your breath can reportedly increase intelligence levels as swimming is the best exercise for building lung capacity, which improves the ability to take in more information.
Joints – The natural support and resistance provided by water means swimming is a fantastic activity for developing strong joints.
Kick – Each swimming stroke has a different style of kick, and your child will master them all by the time they reach Stages 8-10 of our Swim School.
Lifesaving – Being able to swim is a real lifesaver and after all the key skills have been achieved your child can train to become a rookie lifeguard too.
Motivation – Motivational instructors will ensure your child gets the best from their weekly lessons.
No equipment necessary – Apart from a swimsuit, there’s no expensive equipment needed to swim.


White male showing a young white female how to dive into a swimming pool.

Open to all – Some of our pools offer specialist sessions for children with a disability or additional needs. Some also host lessons for older children and adults.
Portal – With our Swim School portal you can track your child’s progress and move class when they’re ready.
Quality time – Whether you’re in a pool or by the seaside, swimming is a great opportunity for parents and children to bond, sharing quality time in otherwise busy lives.
Related sports – Being able to swim gives opportunities to try other sports like water polo, surfing, competitive diving or even triathlon.
Safety – Safety is an essential part of learning to swim and your child learns to be aware of hazards in and around water.
Training – To become a competent or advanced swimmer, training is essential, providing your child with a routine to follow that will set them up for life.
Underwater skills – Between stages 8 and 10 children learn underwater skills like synchronised swimming.
Vitality – Swimming’s benefits for physical and mental well-being mean your child will have more vitality and vigour.
Weight – Water is around 800 times denser than air, so your child will burn more calories, keeping your child at a healthy weight.
X-Factor – Swimming is such a great sport for health, well-being, social skills and mental attitude, your child will develop the X-Factor to help in all aspects of their life.
Year-round activity – Come rain or shine, winter or spring, swimming can be enjoyed at any time.
Zzz – Swimming uses huge amounts of energy, so your child will sleep better after exercising.

For more information visit Nottingham Swim School or visit your nearest leisure centre.