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Why do I need swimming goggles?

Mar 21 2022

Young girl wearing a pink swimming cap and goggles, holds a white flat at the side of a swimming pool.

Swimming goggles are specially designed to allow you to see underwater and to protect the eyes from the chemicals in the water, such as chlorine. Goggles are watertight (if you’ve fitted them correctly) by making an air pocket around the eye and stopping water from getting inside and irritating the eyes when swimming.

What are the benefits of wearing goggles you ask?

  • Protection – when swimming without goggles, eyes may look red and itchy; which are caused by chemicals within the water designed to keep the pool clean and sanitary. Chlorine is not good for our delicate eyes and can harm them, so it’s best to wear swimming goggles for protection and to prevent them from drying out.
    • “What if I wear glasses?” Prescription swimming goggles are available for those who need them – best to speak to your optician about these.
  • Vision – swimming goggles have a watertight design helping us to open our eyes underwater, which also gives us water confidence as we can see what we’re doing (especially if you are learning to swim so you can avoid a rogue foot or hand).
  • It’s fun! – Wearing goggles and swimming underwater provides confidence and also makes swimming a lot more fun.

A white man, women and two young children swimming underwater wearing goggles looking at the camera.

Children and goggles 

If your little one hasn’t worn goggles before, get them to try them on at home for the first time as it’s a familiar environment for them. If you can, try to get them to wear them in the bath or the shower, that’ll help them to realise goggles keep the water out of their eyes. Before you know it, they’ll be dunking their head underwater the next time you’re in the pool!

If you or your little one is learning to swim, Nottingham Swim School students are encouraged to wear swimming goggles when having their lessons (or if you’re taking part in a lap or competitive swimming it’s just a good idea).

Don’t delay, pick up some goggles today!