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Making time to be fit and active

Oct 24 2018

by Erica, Flexible Fitness member since 2015

“I used to be able to train at any time of the day, but now I work 6 days a week…”

When I first started classes, I used to do one or two a week. But, the more I saw the weight drop off and the fitter I became, the more I started to do.

My job as a rapid response cleaner at Queen’s Medical Centre, working the afternoon/evening shift, means that I have to be really determined to keep up with my fitness routine. I swim on Mondays, which I love, and I do four back-to-back fitness classes before heading off to work.

On Tuesdays, I look after my granddaughter, but I still manage a quick swim, then Wednesdays and Thursdays it’s more swimming and classes and Fridays it’s Aqua Fit. On Saturdays, I do Body Attack and Sundays I’m back in the pool. I even go on my days off work!

I try and do 10 classes a week, as I love exercising in a group: it’s loads of fun, and I find they really motivate me, much more than training on my own. If I was asked, I don’t think I could really pick one favourite, as I like them all. But, if pushed, I’d probably choose Bums, Tums and ThighsBody AttackFight Klub and Boogie Bounce as some of the best.

There’s a lot of different instructors and they’re all great – I get on well with them and they really motivate everyone to work as hard as they can.

I get really excited when a new class is launched, as I love trying them out! If you’d asked me a few years ago, though, I don’t think I would have liked any… it’s funny how I’ve changed.


Erica on holiday in 2015

Every now and again, I’ll chat with one of the fitness advisors, as One2Ones are free as part of my membership. They’re really good for help and advice and keep me focused on my goals.

When I’m not in the gym or at work, I love to walk… a lot! I try and use the stairs as much as possible, as I don’t really like lifts, and I recently got a wristband monitor, which tells me how many steps, calories and miles I’ve done, and I love it! It’s great to have a target to aim for each day.

When I look back at where I was two years ago, I can’t believe how much I do now and it just goes to show how things can change, even as you get older.

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Erica at her son’s wedding in 2017