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Triggerpoint Therapy

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What is it?

Though Triggerpoint Therapy, you will learn how to pay attention to key areas of the body through ‘self massage’. Trigger areas are often stiff and require a release and improved blood circulation. Using the Rumble rollers and balls, you can achieve muscle relaxation and mental calmness.

What do I need?

A bottle of water, a towel, and comfortable footwear and clothing.

Is it for me?

Triggerpoint Therapy is for anyone who wants to gain knowledge of what triggers stress in their body but also wants a practical release. Improving blood circulation has an almost-instant benefit for the body. The class could also help to reduce cortisol levels, the body’s stress hormone. The lessons from this class can be applied in your day to day life and can allow you to take control of painful areas of the body.

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