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Calm Functional Gym


Intensity Level 1

Give it a go

The functional room at Victoria Leisure Centre, two members are using the static bike and treadmill.

What is it?

During calm functional gym sessions we will turn the music down, reduce capacity allowing for a less crowded session, and politely request all fitness users work out as quietly as possible, using headphones if needed. Available currently at Victoria Leisure Centre.

What do I need?

A bottle of water, comfortable/sensible footwear and comfortable clothing. If you plan on using weights, feel free to bring along gloves to protect your hands.

Is it for me?

For anyone who prefers to work out in a quieter environment.

Find and book this class

You can check our live timetables by clicking ‘Book Now’ below and logging in to your Active Nottingham account. Alternatively, you can download our Active Nottingham App where you can view, book and cancel activities. You don’t need to be a member to view our activities on the app.

Our fitness classes are included in the Fitness+ membership.

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